Sunday, 10 July 2011

Vexation 2 - Stage Builder

No More Draft
This is likely the best addition to the Vexation sequel ever. Sure in Vexation 1 it was a blast to play the carefully crafted stages and try achieve Gold in each act. It was fun, but not as interactive as it potentially could have been. This window has now been closed. We present the stage builder!
What is the Stage Builder?
Well... In Vexation 2 not only can you play awesome stages made by me, you can also make your own stages or play others made by the community! Using every block, enemy or swinging pole available you can simply drag and drop a stage to life. Once a block is selected you can easily increase or decrease the width and height and should you need to be super precise you can enter the x and y co-ordinates manually.
Unlocking the Stage Builder
From the moment you press the play button the stage builder is unlocked. It may be unlocked but you cannot use it's full capacity immediately. You can only use an item if you have seen it already in game. For example, you can only use pushable blocks once you have completed Act 5 Stage 4 (the first stage they appear on). Now you creative players have an incentive to get to the end!
Have YOUR NAME on the Next Vexation Game!
You heard me right there folks! Because the stage builder uses a huge string to read and build it's stages for you play; not only can you copy the code in game and send it to a friend, your friend can then paste the code and play your new map. Now, if you send this code of your awesome new map to me, I will evaluate the game and if it's among the Top 50 stages I will whack it in "Vexation 2: Community" with YOUR NAME proudly tagged along!

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Vexation 2 - Record Times!

A new feature just made itself into Vexation 2 which was requested a lot in Vexation. Now, not only will the game remember your ranking on each act but your best times! Now there won't be any of your pals lying about completing Act 1 in 32 seconds when 35 was the very quickest.

Sweet, right?

Sticky Games Challenge 1 - Complete

Today we were split in to group to complete a challenge under 'Sticky Games'. Our task was to plan a game's features, platform(s) and its mechanics. I took leading control and decided to make a spider diagram to formulate the ideas. We came up with a whole array of ideas from the subtle to the insane and then eliminated each one by one to get a vision of the game.

I found this most helpful as it showed me the direct impact of working in small groups through pre-production. I feel I suited the leader role and could I'm definitely looking forward to more team challenges.

My Top 5 Games

At the present moment in time, my top five games are:
1. Halo: Reach
2. Gears of War 2
3. Halo 3
4. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
5. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood

Here are the trailers to these games:

Halo Anniversary

Absolutely cannot wait!

Starting Out

Skills Assessment

- Can script in Flash using Actionscript 2.
- Can animate in Flash with a high standard.
- Can create basic graphics in Photoshop but more detailed in Flash.

So if you need any help regarding flash or coding, I'm the man.

What Drives my Games

I would much rather not enjoy making a game and please my fans or community than have a blast making a game but disappoint the fans. From my experience I get a lot more of an achievement feel when my fans are happy and my latest release tops all prior releases.

How I Prefer to Work

Vexation was the first game in which I setup a group to specifically get feedback for my project dynamically pre-release. This really showed as Vexation got 100,000 views in two months when its taken a complete solo project two years to make a mere 80,000. I would much rather work as part of a team than solo because it helps when trying to keep on track towards the main goal.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Vexation 2 Beta Testing

You can try out my latest project on the website above. Please give me feedback and improvements.

Also play Vexation 1 on Kongregate: